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Dexwin School Uniform is a one-stop school & co-curriculum uniform supplier company. Our company is located in Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia.

The school uniform that we supply includes baju kurung, blazer, kain kembang, kain susun tepi, pants, pinaform, samping, t-shirt, tudung, vest, etc. For co-curriculum uniform, we supply kadet bomba, pengakap, pandu puteri, JPA and KRS.

Our online store provides simple information to enable customer to view and choose the uniform & accessories that they are desire. Compare to traditional shopping, online shopping is easier for customer to order our services.








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What are our Products and Services?

Here in Dexwin, we specialize in manufacturing and supplying various types of school uniform for Malaysian schools and students. Other than being a school uniform supplier, Dexwin also specialises in supplying accessories and school supplies, such as school shoes, other school bag brands (such as Body Glove school bags), badges, and even school ties. We ensure that all our school uniforms are made of high quality materials and we also provide delivery to our customers nationally and internationally.

What is a school uniform?

A school uniform is a uniform that is generally worn by students primarily for a school or otherwise educational institution. School uniforms are common in primary and secondary schools in various countries, such as Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. School uniforms are universal for Malaysian primary schools, secondary schools, kindergarten, and even private schools.

What are the factors to consider when looking for a school uniform manufacturer?

There are four factors you would need to remember when you are looking for a school uniform manufacturer: -

  1. Expertise: A school uniform supplier should have experience and knowledge regarding clothing and school wear, as well as the school policies. Before you purchase school uniforms from the manufacturer, you should determine if the supplier is knowledgeable and experienced.
  2. Reliability: A school uniform manufacturer has to be reliable. After informing it that you prefer your order delivered at a specified date, you should receive it by then.
  3. Location: You should consider approaching a school uniform supplier that’s located within your city. By doing so, you wouldn’t have to worry about expensive shipping or delivery costs.
  4. Price: Before you purchase school wear from a supplier, check if the price for the product is reasonable considering the quality and the amount you ordered. You should also keep in mind that not all clothing suppliers that offer affordable services can provide fine school wear.

What are the different types of Malaysian school uniforms?

  • Primary school settings
    • For Boys: White shirt and navy blue short trousers or Navy blue long trousers
    • For Girls: Navy blue pinafore over white shirt or White baju kurung over long navy blue skirt
  • Secondary school settings
    • For Boys: A white shirt and olive green long trousers or White trousers (generally worn by for Form 6 students or prefects)
    • For Girls: A turquoise pinafore over white shirt (for Form 1 to Form 5 students) or a turquoise skirt with white blouse (generally worn by Form 6 students or prefects) or a white baju kurung over long turquoise skirt

What are the different types of Malaysian co-curricular uniforms?

All National schools require their students to participate in co-curriculum activities commencing from Standard 4, and uniform bodies are one of their primary choices. There are a variety of curriculum uniform clubs available, such as: -

  • Red Cross Association
  • St. John Ambulance Malaysia
  • Fire & Rescue Cadet
  • Civil Defence Cadet
  • Girl Guides
  • Scouts
  • Police Cadets
  • Fire Cadets
  • Puteri Islam

How do I contact Dexwin?

If you have any inquiries, you can contact us through our contact number +604-5485088 and +6016-2059010. We are also available in Shopee for any keen online shoppers looking for some last minute back-to-school shopping. You can also reach out to us through our email address, [email protected]